Exploration: Ao3 Tag Analysis

Check out my GitHub for the whole project, code, and video presentation! Note: This is an exploration of preliminary data! It is not intended to be read as definitive; more research and data work needs to be done to support these findings. Abstract In this project, I investigate what makes fanfiction unique as a genre,Continue reading “Exploration: Ao3 Tag Analysis”

Parasocial Relationships, Fanfiction, and Slash

Queer Literary Coterie in Western BTS Fandom for the fully footnoted version, see the Google Document here! We have only to think of the troop of women and girls, all of them in love in an enthusiastically sentimental way, who crowd round a singer or pianist after his performance. It would certainly be easy forContinue reading “Parasocial Relationships, Fanfiction, and Slash”

Keyword: Parasocial

The only place to start in understanding the term para-social is Horton and Wohl’s 1956 “Mass Communication and Para-Social Interaction: Observations on Intimacy at a Distance.” They use and define para-social relationship (PSR) as for the first time, proposing the term to be used to describe the “seeming face-to-face relationship between spectator and performer.” WhileContinue reading “Keyword: Parasocial”